In June 1974 the owner and Chairman Mr. Jim Devine set out to build a Group of Companies based on a rock of financial stability.


We are as passionate about quality Civil Engineering and Construction works as we were when the business was originally formed. Sustainability, Community, Quality are all elements that define us as a business and Devine Group is a team of experienced professionals that share values and an ethos that has helped define the business for such a long period of time.  

Minimal debt, cash reserves and an attitude to continually reinvest back into the business.

‘Our Reputation is our business’


Sustainability, what we do today affects those who follow tomorrow, lies at the heart of responsible civil engineering. Here at Devine Group we believe that sustainability is a cultural mindset that creates a resilient business based on our values.

At Devine Group we focus on the sustainability areas where we can make the most significant positive contributions: compliance to care, business resilience, community, 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and waste. We believe we build the foundations for sustainable communities and this means building a solid foundation for our business.

By following the pillars of sustainability for our employees, sub-contractors and supply chains we believe our values mould our business that enable us to deliver sustainable communities time after time. Our values guide what we do and how we work which enables us to deliver continued sustainable benefits for the local communities, people we employ and society.

Our Culture

We understand that culture fuels performance and business resilience. At Devine Group we believe that our shared values and goals empowers a shared trust to support our compliance to care journey. We understand the transient, often isolating nature of construction and underlying issues in relation to wellbeing and mental health.

To this end we have installed values in our company that build trust across the context of the business. This is evident in that we have built long standing relationships with our employees, contractors and clients, some have worked with us for as long as 30 years.

The trust we have developed over the years is built on underpinnings of openness, respect, honesty and integrity in all of business interactions. This type of longstanding collaboration in delivering quality projects for our clients has embedded that trust across the business in our people and stakeholders.

Our History


J Devine Civil Engineering Ltd was formed in July 1974 by the chairman Jim Devine.

1974 turned out to be a defining year.

The mid 70’s recession was in full flow following the 1973 oil crisis. Stagflation and the decline of traditional British Industries, inefficient production resulted in high inflation 16% in 1974, and up to 24% in 1975. Interest rates fluctuated greatly in the 70’s recession, in March 1976 they were a low of 9% but by October 1976 a high of 15%. 

A difficult period for any new fledgling business to survive.

1974 saw the Health and Safety at Work Act come into force. This act defines, still today, owners, employers and employees responsibilities for maintaining health and safety within the workplace.

In the same year The Control of Pollution Act (COPA) 1974 came into force, which gave local authorities powers for controlling noise, vibration and pollution from construction sites and other similar sites.


In January 1980, another recession had started and lasted 14 months. This was mainly due to our economy switching from manufacturing to a service economy.

Inflation was at 18% in 1980 and interest rates at 17%.


In February 1982, J Devine Plant Hire Ltd was formed.

3 years later, Devine Homes PLC was started.


In September 1990 another recession, more commonly known as Black Wednesday. This was mainly due to high inflation of 9.5% and interest rates of 15%. This was the Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson trying to maintain British membership of the exchange rate mechanism.


In 1992 the Personal Protection Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 came into force. The regulations place a duty on every employer to ensure that suitable personal protection equipment is provided to employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health and safety while at work.


In May 1996, Devine IAC Ltd was formed.


In April 2008, another recession had arrived known as The Credit Crunch, caused by a banking crisis, mainly due to the USA Subprime Mortgage Scandal.


In March 2020, the Global Pandemic “Covid-19” had arrived to change our way of life.

Management Team

Jim Devine


Nigel Jordan

Managing Director

Barry Devine

Finance Director

Brian Beckett

Company Secretary

Facel Cassem

Group Accountant

Kieran Murphy

Head of Commercial

Paul McCrorie

Head of Procurement

Chris Dixon

Plant Operations Manager

James O’Connor

Operations Manager

Stuart James

H&S Manager

Tina Whickman

Accounts Manager

Frances Pearce

PA to MD Reception & Training Manager