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Devine Group explains that the United Kingdom has the most incredible construction industry on Earth, and here is why!


Welcome to 2022, and after a short break, Devine Group has concluded that we do not highlight the strength of our industry enough. With some light research, we can say that the United Kingdom has the most incredible construction industry on earth (China does more, at speed, but the health and safety and quality are not comparable). 

We are aware the construction industry has experienced some highs and lows over the past two years, however, things are looking promising as the construction industry remains one of the many few that have emerged from a turbulent period with several deliverables in place. For example, output has been high, health and safety incidents are at all-time lows and residential construction is set to meet records with government targets for new homes now at 300,000 a year. This is with a backdrop of HS2 and other monumental construction ambitions that could put the Victorians to shame. 

A Fantastic example of a whole new community at Mulberry Grange - Horley, working part of the Persimmon Homes Group Charles Church Homes #CharlesChurchlife


The latest snapshot shows that the construction sector contributes to around 6% of the British economy and employs more than a 2.7million people, pointing to an across-the-board increase in October with commercial projects, housing, and infrastructure work all displaying strong growth. Moreover, despite lockdowns, the sector is expanding with registered activity, signalling the most robust output growth rate since September 2014.

Nigel Jordan, Managing Director at award-winning construction group Devine Group, said, “We are currently seeing workload expansion to the greatest extent for seven years as growth broadens out for both house building, and commercial
work and our civil engineering workload also expands. Nigel continues, we’re expanding our team accordingly to support the strong demand for housing which right now does not look to be slowing down and we are pleased to be so busy.”

There are already many groups and organisations driving change. Devine Group has increased plant efficiency over the last 18 months, insisting on more sustainable supply chains. A six-figure purchase was agreed to deliver over 11 vehicles from some of the industries best plant manufacturers, including Hitachi Plant Machinery and Thwaite Dumpers. The completion of the project will enable Devine Plant to remain faithful to the company's sustainability commitments and help cut emissions. “Modern Methods of Construction have a crucial role to play in economic recovery. If done correctly, this will transform our broader economy, delivering lower carbon, higher quality housing and infrastructure, creating a new generation of increased productivity, technology-enabled jobs in the process.

Other examples include The Welsh Government's decision to build all of its affordable homes in timber frame starting next year, leading to a ripple effect of novel partnership arrangements and procurement processes. 

We are lucky enough to have a great team of professionals who are passionate about our role in our communities.

Additionally, some new home developments are already reaching completion where a deliberate decision has been made not to install any gas main to the property. This follows the Committee on Climate Change recommendations for gas boilers to be phased out and replaced with air/ground/water-source heat pumps and shared heat networks. 

Devine Group expects to see the United Kingdom's construction industry continue to thrive and shine as one of the best and most sustainable in the world. 





Devine Group is a privately owned Group of Companies established in 1974. Every successful business needs a solid foundation to build from. In June 1974 the owner and Chairman Mr. Jim Devine set out to build a group of companies based on a rock of financial stability. Minimal debt, cash reserves and an attitude to continually reinvest back into the business. Our core business elements are Infrastructure, Groundwork, Plant Hire, Development.

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