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Devine Group Delivers Major Investment In Plant Equipment With Hitachi & Takeuchi


Devine Plant, a division of Devine Group, is pleased to announce the completion of a significant investment in new dumpers and excavators to help the business keep up with soaring demand and a commitment to innovation that remains as true as when the company was formed in 1974. 

A six-figure purchase was agreed to deliver over 11 vehicles from some of the industries best plant manufacturers, including Hitachi Plant Machinery and Thwaite Dumpers. The completion of the project with delivery commencing Summer and Autumn 2021 will enable Devine Plant to remain faithful to the companies sustainability commitments and help cut emissions. 

Chris Dixon, the Fleet & Plant Operations Manager at Devine Group, went on to say, “I am pleased with this investment and the entire management team remain committed to enhancing our operations at every opportunity; we have, It has the right people and the right tools to deliver for our customers and the communities our machinery serve”. 

Details on some of the machinery and their benefits can be found below, and do follow our social channels and website for more images and information. 

  • 3 x 13ton Hitachi ZX130-7
  • 2 x 9ton Takeuchi TB290-2
  • 1 x 5ton Takeuchi TB250-2
  • 2 x 9ton Thwaite dumpers 
  • 1 x 6ton Thwaite dumper
  • 2 x 3ton Thwaite swivel dumpers


Hitachi ZX130-7


Engine type: 4-cycle water-cooled, common rail direct injection

Engine Rated Power (kW): 74 kW (ISO14396)

Operating weight (kg): 13,300kg

Hitachi ZX130-7 medium excavator. Has a Stage V compliant engine that doesn’t require an SCR system, which results in reduced life-cycle costs.


  • Up to 9% reduced fuel consumption compared to previous models.
  • Enhanced efficiency due to Hitachi’s industry-leading hydraulic system, HIOS V.
  • The Stage V-compliant engine does not require an SCR system, eliminating the need for urea (Adblue), filter replacements and associated maintenance.
  • Improved comfort in the cab with integrated console and seat suspension, reduced noise, and low vibration levels.


9ton Takeuchi TB290-2

The TB290-2 Compact Excavator also has a Stage V fitted with a wide array of features that maximise efficiency and productivity, a proven powerful excavator designed for major groundworks and earthmoving.

Engine Model:  YANMAR (4THV98CT - WTB DPF)

Engine type: 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with DPF

Engine Rated Power (kW): 51.6 kW

Operating weight (kg):8400 kg

Cab Features:
All-round adjustable deluxe high back heated air suspension seat with a retractable seat belt. MP3, Bluetooth and USB socket, heated cup holder. Ensures operator comfort
and provides a functional work area with a large multi-information display, automatic climate control, and ergonomic function switches. 


5ton Takeuchi TB250-2

The TB250-2 Compact Excavator, delivering outstanding performance and versatility, offering massive operating capacity.  With excellent breakout force and a great reach and lifting capacity.

Engine Model:  YANMAR (4TNV88C PTB DPF)

Engine type: 4-cylinder engine with DPF

Engine Rated Power (kW): 29.1 kW

Operating weight (kg): 5120 kg

The 5ton and 9ton both have the same features in the cab as well as Environment Friendly.

The TB250-2 is equipped with DPF, auto idle, auto detent and jog-dial throttle – all environmental features to minimise noise and emissions.

The dumpers below are entirely road legal to be used on and off-site to transport material around.


Thwaites 9ton & 6ton Dumper

The Thwaites 9 tonne Stage V dumpers are manufactured, ensuring operator safety, reducing risk on-site, and improving performance. They are powered by a 3.6L Deutz turbo diesel engine fitted with a DPF to comply with EU stage V emission regulations. With 55.4kW, 405Nm of torque and no AdBlue.


  • Front Tip
  • Level 2 ROPS
  • Powershift Transmission

Additional equipment fitted include a Spring Activated Hydraulic Release (SAHR) Handbrake, a new dashboard with a 5” screen displaying 150° around machine visibility, hi-vis steps, LED road lights and twin LED beacons.


Thwaites 3ton Dumper

The Thwaites 3 tonne Stage V dumpers powered by an 18.4kW Yanmar engine delivered107 Nm max torque (33.3kW / 141Nm on the Hi Swivel) for optimum traction with a Spring Activated Hydraulic Release (SAHR) handbrake for enhanced control. Power Swivel.


  • Front Tip
  • Hi Swivel
  • Manual Transmission

These robust and reliable machines have a fully welded 6 mm steel plate skip with a reinforced box section fitted to the mouth and sides to minimise skip damage. Easy to service and maintain.

The Thwaites 9 tonne, Stage V dumpers are manufactured with contractors and hirers in mind.
The Thwaites 9 tonne, Stage V dumpers are manufactured with contractors and hirers in mind.


Devine Group is a privately owned Group of Companies established in 1974. Every successful business needs a solid foundation to build from. In June 1974 the owner and Chairman Mr. Jim Devine set out to build a group of companies based on a rock of financial stability. Minimal debt, cash reserves and an attitude to continually reinvest back into the business. Our core business elements are Infrastructure, Groundwork, Plant Hire, Development.

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